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10 August 2012

Vanity Project 1: I'm sexy and I know it!

I am hot! Well I think I am. Ok, I used to be and in some lights (ie. candle) I think I still am... Maybe, on a good day, when feeling good about myself and wearing spanx...

Sorry for the ramble rant. The crux of my issue is age, pure and simple. Vital, youthful beauty gets us through our troubling teens and turbulent twenties. We glide through the social sphere with ease, turning heads and attracting friends and conversation. And then one day (mid 30s), i realised that not only did no one glance up as i walked into the party but no one was interested in knowing my name either.

Deep in the despairs of my self pitying depression I realised something. I was never a classic beauty anyway but what I did have was self confidence and as we all know confidence is attractive. I was having a crisis and I needed to sort myself out so this is what I did...

Gertie's Guide to Getting Noticed:

Firstly I need to make the point that I'm not talking about going on the pull here, although the same rules apply. I'm talking about maintaining good relationships, meeting new interesting friends and opening up positive opportunities for yourself.

1, Fake it til you make it. I felt like shit about myself, but no one else needed to know that right?! Head up, shoulders back and glide! Tyra Banks tells us to imagine there is a chord attached to the tops of our heads, pulling us upwards. Try it it works! And it's great for posture and also gives the appearance of weight loss.

2, Smile. At everyone! You will feel like an idiot but when people start smiling back it'll be worth it. Plus, you look prettier when you smile and we all know it's better for wrinkles or something...

3, Analyse. Think about how you speak to people. If you constantly apologise for yourself you will be treated like you're an idiot. If you are defensive or aggressive, people won't want to be around you. If you are open, kind and confident, people will be attracted to you. Ps. If you are passive aggressive please stop it, it's really annoying for the rest of the world and it also usually means you'll attract other passive aggressive people. Please don't breed and make tiny silently angry babies!

4, Just do it. Don't put off until tomorrow what you could do today. Start a fitness regime, sign up for the evening class, buy a bike and start cycling... Whatever it is, just do it!

5, Count your blessings. And dont be grateful! Well do be grateful, but also appreciate that you have good things around you because you are a cool awesome and deserving person.

5, Pass it forward. Tell your friends how much you love and appreciate them and why. We all suffer from crises of confidence and the older we get, the less we get positively affirmed.

With lots of love and a wide smile,

G x


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