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29 January 2012

Easy Bread Recipes (for the Newbie)

Ciabatta / Xapata / ChapataI don’t want you to have an image of me as the sort of woman who dons a tidy white apron everyday breezily removing different shaped, freshly-baked loaves of home-baked bread from the oven whilst humming serenely. The vision is more of me in jeans and an everyday sweater rolled up to the elbows, trying desperately not to get myself covered in flour to save on the washing; and often swearing

20 January 2012

Easy-Peasey Weight Loss Guide (for the Busy Woman)

JoggingAre you a woman of means, without responsibilities and with the time and natural self motivation to hit the gym for two hours a day before bathing in asses milk and eating only mango and lobster? No? Good! Please read on...

10 January 2012

Beating those January Blues

Oh January... THE most depressing month of the year. The month you realise just how much debt you racked up at Christmas, how many mince pies passed your lips and stuck to your thighs and exactly how difficult it is to pass an evening without a glass of red wine to calm your paranoid booze blues.