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27 December 2011

Hosting a Fabulous New Year's Eve Party

It’s holiday time and it is a fact that during this period, surrounding the shortest day of the year, our creed has stubbornly held onto what we see as our historic right to party our brains out.

As we all know, partying reduces stress levels, improves dance moves and provides you with a fabulous excuse to get your flirt on!

16 December 2011

5 Ways to Survive a Euro Crash

You may have heard recent mumblings about the possibility of the end of the Euro, that fantastically easy and convenient currency they invented just over ten years ago to help cross-border shopping (amongst other things).

The startling thing I’ve learnt is that if a collapse does come it would come very quickly. It could start by either a bank, or even a country, declaring themselves bankrupt.

15 December 2011

Survival Guide to Christmas

By Jingle, It's Christmas!
Are you chirpily looking forward to the Christmas festivities or has a less than bountiful year and shaky economy left you dreading the demands on your wallet? I think we are well within our rights to be less than excited about the impending arrival of Christmas this year. The marketing campaigns for the must-have Doggie Doo or Fijit Friend toy, designer labels