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30 January 2013

Maternity Style

Since my first pregnancy, maternity clothes have advanced immeasurably in quality, style and availability but I still have a problem with the price of some of the "cooler" labels. It's wearable for 6 - 12 months for goodness sake! Having said this, I do invest in a couple of new pieces for each pregnancy. Just so I don't feel like an old bag lady swathing myself in any elasticated garments that fit me. I get enough pitying looks at the school gates as it is!

23 January 2013

Is It Just Me?

January is nearly done thankfully and February beckons, the month for love, romantic gestures and lighter evenings. In my house the roses aren't red but the bills most definitely are. This is the wrong time of year for frivolous expenditure!

On that note, Nice, can you please cancel this years Carnival? Endlessly bizarre, badly organized and a catalyst for furious road rage, I can think of more useful ways of spending the millions of euros. Like maybe setting up self sufficient farms in South America designed to sustain the populous when the euro crashes. Apparently "people in the know" are doing this! People I know who know people who know "people in the know" assure me that this is the only way to guarantee safety in the inevitable turmoil and rioting. Can't I just stock pile sterling?! The thought of being a cast member of 'The Good Life' with added drug lords and nuclear bunkers makes me feel overwhelmed and frankly exhausted.

Good on Gerard Depardieu I say. You have to admire a man who stands up and says that tax brackets should not be decided on the size of one's hooter (sorry, I'm a large child!). Even Belgium tried to point out that the new french tax legislation doesn't make this country an attractive prospect for the wealthy. Well done that man for finishing top of your class at stating the obvious.

Didn't anyone realize that we'd all be affected by ridiculous voting choices? Maybe the voters were trying to suggest that the country Holland should have a go at ruling?

One thing we should be spending our harder and harder by the minute earned cash on this month is the ski season. Ski, board, snow shoe, bobsled, hike... Whatever you fancy just make the most of the amazing local facilities.

Due to having a baby on board this year I am out for skiing this season but will instead be throwing snowballs and making snow angels the outline of which will be akin to Humpty Dumpty.

Followed by raclette and hot chocolate. Bliss!

16 January 2013

Dinner at Monaco's Hotel Hermitage

Belle Epoque style at Hotel Hermitage
I had the fortunate experience of dining at the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco a few weeks ago. An example of "Belle Epoque" at its finest, the Hotel Hermitage sits just behind the Hotel de Paris and the Monte Carlo Casino.

12 January 2013

Galette de Rois

A.K.A. 'King Cake'. This is what we ate last weekend and because the weather was so lovely we actually changed the location from my extremely snug flat to a picnic on the beach :-).

03 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions and All that Jazz

morning meditation in oceanWell strike me down with a Galette de Rois and call me Baby, it's list making time again! I am a big fan of lists. A list of things to do, a list for the shopping, a list for the Indian Shop (it merits one of its own), a list of exercise timings (oh, ok, a bit of an exaggeration, I'll get back to this one). By jingo, I could even make a list of my lists but I digress.