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12 January 2013

Galette de Rois

A.K.A. 'King Cake'. This is what we ate last weekend and because the weather was so lovely we actually changed the location from my extremely snug flat to a picnic on the beach :-).

The Galette is to celebrate Epiphany in France. For those of you who are not particularly religious (I had to look this one up in Wikipedia), that is when the 3 Wise Men found the baby Jesus.

The tradition of the Galette is a lovely one. Hidden inside there is a 'fève', what used to be a dried bean and nowadays is a porcelain figurine. The youngest of the family distributes the slices of Galette to the friends and family. Whoever gets the slice with the 'fève' inside gets to wear the crown and be King for the day. Beware when biting into your slice of Galette as it may not be worth losing a crown in order to win a cardboard version!

Happy New Year everyone.


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