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28 February 2013

eBay Baby

I am currently OBSESSED with eBay... This obsession isn't a new one although I do go through phases (the dry periods are usually imposed by GF!) This latest binge has been brought about by a last minute wedding invitation. I need a dress for my bump - it'll be so big by then it'll require its own, boom boom... And I need a dress on a shoestring because GF thinks that this is the last baby he will have and so I shouldn't be wasting money. It's not the last but let's not tell him! Shhh!

eBay can be your best friend. It can also be the bitch who stabs you in the back and then laughs in your face when your crying! It's all about knowing how to handle yourself... Having said this, I have been spurred on to write this guide due to me making a seriously amateur blunder this morning, and overbidding for an item I was convinced I could not live without so I am not portraying myself as the frugal eBay expert but I'm getting much better! (Also this mornings slip up can be entirely blamed on pregnancy hormones!)

21 February 2013

Playground Bullying

We know it happens and as parents we dread having to deal with it but I think it's a necessary, if horrendous, childhood experience and as parents we need to be armed with how to deal with it in the best way. I was personally shocked at how early it started and how much it affected my little girl who is a naturally sensitive being.

14 February 2013

Restaurant l'Indyana, Nice

I recently went to l'Indyana with a girlfriend for lunch and it made me wonder why a) I don't go more often as it never disappoints and b) how this place is still a secret, mostly frequented by French professionals.

06 February 2013

Nails 2013

2013 is all about bling nails and 3D nail art.

Essie Nails bring out their own range of nail wraps this year and although nail wraps are all over the place, I think that their offerings are far and away more fabulous than others on the market. Essie have named their wraps "Sleek Sticks".

That said, Loreal brought out a fabulous festive range before Christmas and they are still available. They give the illusion of 3D designs without the fuss and they are perfect for a glam night out.

Celebrity favourite Nazila continue to make the most fabulously outlandish 3D nails. The pictured set are called "Your Royal Highness"! How very patriotic. Unsurprisingly celeb fans such as Rihanna and Tulisa don't have to do the school run!