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28 February 2013

eBay Baby

I am currently OBSESSED with eBay... This obsession isn't a new one although I do go through phases (the dry periods are usually imposed by GF!) This latest binge has been brought about by a last minute wedding invitation. I need a dress for my bump - it'll be so big by then it'll require its own, boom boom... And I need a dress on a shoestring because GF thinks that this is the last baby he will have and so I shouldn't be wasting money. It's not the last but let's not tell him! Shhh!

eBay can be your best friend. It can also be the bitch who stabs you in the back and then laughs in your face when your crying! It's all about knowing how to handle yourself... Having said this, I have been spurred on to write this guide due to me making a seriously amateur blunder this morning, and overbidding for an item I was convinced I could not live without so I am not portraying myself as the frugal eBay expert but I'm getting much better! (Also this mornings slip up can be entirely blamed on pregnancy hormones!)

A good friend of mine is exceptionally good at eBaying and her self imposed rules have inspired me. This week, she bagged herself a real leather coat in a Kate Moss style for 99 cents & a Missoni scarf for £5. Amazing deals are possible but to avoid the empty, conned slightly nauseous feeling you get when an auction ends and you are the "proud owner" of a partially soiled item of clothing with missing buttons that you're not sure is going to fit anyway for 50 Euros, ignore these rules at your peril!!

Gertie's (Borrowed Guide) to Grabbing an Online Bargain

1, DON'T Browse! (Unless you have a very specific remit such as the designer bags on deal of the day) It is so dangerous to stumble upon eBay blind. This can lead to a need for random things previously never heard of, or the revival of a must have crush from ten years ago. You've lived this long without it, you won't die now if you don't get your hands on one.

2, Be Specific.If you want a dress for an event, think about what you want exactly before you search. Narrowing down the field really helps, not just by eliminating irrelevant items that can take your attention away from your mission but so you can look at the different prices, conditions of the item you want making it easier to get the best value for money.

3, DON'T Rush! Give yourself loads of time. An eBay search will not work if you feel under pressure of a time deadline. It makes you desperate and when desperation sets in, you'll claw someone's eyes out at the end of an auction for the item you want. Girls, there is no satisfaction in winning an auction if you've paid over the odds!

4, Value the Item. What is the item worth to you? Step away from the computer, get a figure that is reasonable, write it down and STICK TO IT! Never let yourself get drawn into a bidding war. If your top amount is overtaken, then it's fate. It was probably rubbish anyway, and you don't need more crap in your life! Who does?!

5, DO Save Searches. Saving your specific searches takes the pressure off as you are presented with the new items to bid on whenever you check back in. Newly listed auctions are fab too as they allow you to peruse things at leisure with plenty of cooling off time to change your mind or set your maximum budget.

6, Review. Frequently review your saved searches. If they no longer apply, delete them to avoid temptation!

7, Low ball! On items you don't value anything above the minimum bid for, chance your arm bid the lowest amount and then forget about it. This avoids the adrenaline fueled bidding war overspend and gives you some lovely surprises if you win!


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