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10 January 2012

Beating those January Blues

Oh January... THE most depressing month of the year. The month you realise just how much debt you racked up at Christmas, how many mince pies passed your lips and stuck to your thighs and exactly how difficult it is to pass an evening without a glass of red wine to calm your paranoid booze blues.
The biggest kicker is that everyone's in the same boat and we all know that depression loves company. If you're reading this, stop! (Just for 10 minutes.) Put the chocolates down, peel off yesterday's sweat pants and go and jump in the shower. Are you done? Good. Now let's break the annual SAD cycle for good!!

Here are some of my best and most effective methods of beating the winter blues:

  1. Face the music: Firstly if you are in debt, instead of avoiding the facts sit down with all your statements and work out an effective repayment scheme that you can stick to. I know the ostrich technique is way more appealing but facing things head on will make yo feel better. If you don't know about this site, please check it out as it is fantastic. 

  2. Plan a trip or something to look forward to. The likelihood is that you won't be able to afford to jet off skiing to make yourself cheerier but there is nothing to stop you from laying the foundations. Plan your next trip. Where, when, what your going to do when you're there and how you can budget for it. Having something to look forward to is a tonic in itself.

  3. Dress up and get your flirt on. This is step one... Think of it as a way to get over a failed relationship. Getting your glad rags on needn't mean donning your party dress. If it's simply too cold to contemplate, just stick heals on with your jeans and layer a nice top with gorgeous knits and a long coat. Wear whatever it is that makes you feel good but please accessories and go all out with the makeup. Step 2. Rally the troops! This may be problematic if your friends are still in sweat pant mode but bribe them out with the promise that you will let them all in on the secrets I'm about to share with you. Plan a girls night out suitable to your group budget. A few pints of Bulmers in a cosy pub works as well as Martini's and dinner in a swanky hotel restaurant. Whilst out, plan your new year overhauls, laugh a lot and please, please get your freaking flirt on! It releases happy hormones. :)

  4. Take up a new hobby. Ideally one with a friend or two making the likelihood at sticking to it much higher. Do something fun! Zumba, art or pottery classes, set up a book club, wine club... Whatever takes your fancy!

  5. Laugh! If you buy a book, decide to watch a movie, follow a new blog, make sure it will make you laugh. Make it your new year's resolution to make our friends laugh, the joy you spread will bounce right back at you, and when faced with challenging situations, ask yourself, 'would I worry about this on my deathbed'...
You can do this! Now go beat those blues!!

Photo credit: nicolee_pikita


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