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02 August 2012

Eye Make Up - Part 2

Sorry, it's taken a while I know. What can I say? It wasn't the inspiration for this post that was lacking, it was the photography. Notoriously difficult to find unless advertising a brothel!

Anyway, you will not be disappointed. Here are two evening looks to wow and dazzle any audience.

Gertie's Guide to Glam Eyes:

The Smokey Eye. The most seductive of all eye make up looks and timeless to boot. It does take practice to get right. But it's not difficult to master if you know how. It's all about blending. Begin by applying a base to your lids and under eyes. Line your upper and lower lids with the darkest colour (grey/black/brown) and then apply shadow in your chosen colour to your lids accenting the sockets for definition. Then simply blend the outer line making sure not to be too heavy on colour in the inner corners. Add more liner around the eye with a thin kohl if you need definition. If it looks heavy, apply a light coloured nude, shimmer shadow above and all the way up to the brows. Lashings of mascara a must for the smokey eyed look!

The Uber Trendy Neon. Apply your base cream to lids and below your eyes. Use a nude shadow over your lids and up to your brown and then sweep a slat grey colour shadow from your outer eye up into sockets stopping half way and blending. Line your eyes with a liquid liner. Now using a chubby stick in the same/similar colour to the neon shadow you're going to use, draw under your bottom lashes from the outer corner to 3/4 of the way in. Follow with your neon colour. MAC pigment pots are amazing for brilliant colours and I would say that for brown eyes, purple green and blues work best whereas light eye colours can wear a multitude of colours. Don't forget gold, experiment with what works for you and be bold. Blue eyes can even handle pink. Apply it over the chubby stick markers, making sure you blend towards the inside of your eyes. Concentrate the colour to the outer colours and make sure there is no colour for the inner 1/4. Lash mascara on! This is my favourite look at the moment. Day or night, it's fresh and fun!


Loving the 'Uber trendy neon' look. My fav too :)

It's not too scary or hard to do either is it?! But it looks fab!

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