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21 March 2012

Spring has Sprung: Time for Action

Sister.Spring has sprung, at least on the Cote d'Azur but that is, admittedly, why I live here.

I had a random thought the other day that if September, October, November and December were originally named respectively for the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth months of the old Roman Calendar, then that would mean that March was considered the first month of the year. And how very appropriate that is. Spring is the time to throw open your shutters, paint your toenails, shave your legs (you might actually bear them at some point soon) and get outside to take deep breaths of some of that good old-fashioned fresh air.

Spring is the time that I shake myself out of the depressive hibernating slumber that represents my January and February of every year. I tend to loose weight (exercise is more enjoyable when it's sunny and warm), make major lifestyle adjustments (like ditching the ex who was making my life miserable) and get in the mood to bake.

So join me in celebrating the month that should rightly be renamed as the first month of the year. Get back that spring in your step! Get the most out of Spring!

Bounce into Spring with Gertie's Guide:

  1. Spring clean: Not exactly original I know, but once you open up your windows and get fresh air into your home you'll want to banish all those dust bunnies you've been collecting unawares. Find an obliging bloke to lift up your sofa and Hoover underneath it. Wear marigolds while instructing him in a suitable dominatrix manner; there could be a bonus in there somewhere.

  2. Wardrobe management: Push all heavy sweaters to the back of the wardrobe and take an hour or two to go through your lighter clothes. If you're anything like me, you'll probably be surprised at what's in there. It's amazing how you forget! I am in no way a minimalist that advocates owning only 38 pieces of clothing, but I am also not a fan of holding onto something that subconsciously brings you down. If you don't fit into something anymore, pass it on to someone else. If you haven't worn something for two seasons, for goodness sake get rid of it! Looking into your wardrobe for a new season should be one of those simple pleasures in life, not a drag.

  3. Spring clean: Oh, did I mention that already? This is spring cleaning of a different sort; spring clean your relationships. I alluded to my breaking off a destructive relationship I was previously involved in. How invigorating it felt! Ok, your relationship might not be on the rocks, but look at your significant other with a fresh eye. What was it that originally attracted you to them again? The birds and the bees are all getting busy, why should you miss out?!
  4. 2/52 "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair ...."
  5. Buy some flowers: Even if it's a bunch of daffodils from Tesco. Flowers have a habit of smiling at you which makes you smile back at them. And that's really what spring is all about!
Photo credit: Spencer FinnleyCalendar girl 48


So glad we're moving in Spring. It's my favourite month. Things are born in Spring and I feel like this is the birth of our new life in the UK. Loving the sunshine at the moment, really lifts the spirits! great post :-)

I'm so glad you have some sun! I agree, there is nothing more spirit lifting than the sun on your face and the warmth on your skin. It makes me question why I bitch so much about the south of France. Thanks for your comment! :)

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