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17 March 2012

Rave Brunching

Mad Hatters Tea Party 9 - 12The new craze to hit New York, Rave Brunching, is my idea of heaven! Swanky venues including the exclusive Plaza Hotel host raves that begin at noon, have you dancing by tea time and tucked up in bed by 10pm... How very civilised! If you would love to rave away the sunlit hours but you don't have the funds to fly to NY to sip Krug and nibble on delightfully delicate caviar canapés, never fear.

Take 2012's top new trend and make it your own! Here's how to host the best rave brunch since the Grateful Dead lived together...

Firstly banish all images of bongs and incense, glow sticks, rave clothes and black lights from your mind. Rave branching is all about the juxtaposition of English Cream Teas vs Bad Behavior.

Gertie’s Guide to Rave Brunching:

  1. Decor: Chintz! Only joking, the decor doesn’t matter too much but the table should be the main feature. Think Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Overladen with teapots, crockery, plates with sarnies, cakes and BOOZE... Get a couple of inexpensive cardboard cake stands to create the effect of different levels of food. Nothing has to match!

  2. Food: Easy peasey stuff, don't go to too much trouble and if you can't bake at all, give your guests the responsibility of bringing a Victoria Sponge, fairy cakes, shortbread and anything else that you feel is necessary. Sandwiches, crudites and dips, chocolate dipped strawberries look fabulous... You get the picture!

  3. Booze: If you have the time and inclination Pimm's cocktails would be fabulous with ice and slices of lemon, apple and cucumber; yummy! Otherwise, wine, prosecco with cassis, gin fizz... Think 70's retro.

  4. Music: Clearly the most important part of any successful rave brunch. It doesn't have to be rave music, hard core house or grime... Make sure it is upbeat though, whatever genre you pick. To make fabulous playlists go to You can put in your fave tracks and they suggest other songs to compliment your choices and even make playlists for you! Delegation is key!

  5. Lighting: Mood lighting is key to creating a cosy atmosphere and for making your guests forget that it's 11am and way too early to be this tipsy and dancing on a coffee table! Light candles, use lamps, whatever works in your home.
Join me in the revolution. Bring rave brunching to a place near you!

Dance at the J.W.B. Servicemen's Center, Waukegan, Illinois, 1919


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