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15 March 2012

5 Fitness Technology Tips

womanI don’t know about you, but as the temperatures outside start to rise, I start thinking of shedding those bulky sweaters and even start visioning myself in *Gulp* a bikini. And trust me, at the moment these visions are more like nightmares about the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! But all is not lost. Planning ahead means that there’s still time! I’ve calculated that if I start now I can loose a pound a week which will mean that I should (ahem, WILL) loose 5kg or 11 pounds by mid-May. Mid-May is critical because that’s generally when you start hitting the beach and working on your tan before the crowds flock here in July and August. It’s all about Strategy.

But what I am sick of is this automatic twin sense of self-loathing that accompanies dieting and exercising. “I MUST not have any foods that I like because I am punishing myself because I am Ugly and Fat,” or “I must struggle and push myself to do a ridiculously hard workout and feel shattered at the end of it because otherwise I won’t have accomplished anything.” I will say it now, ladies and gentleman, THIS IS CRAP! It really doesn’t need to be this way.

You’ve made the decision to lose weight because you care about your health and how you look, so by extension you making this decision is out of love for yourself. So why not replace that feeling of self-loathing with self-love? There are three secrets behind this concept. The first is the realisation that you will not become a stick insect over night. By losing weight slowly you are more likely to keep it off. Try by aiming to lose only a pound per week: manageable, right? The second tip is making it fun. Why on earth are you going to stick to something that you hate and makes you feel like s**t? I, for example, actually like jogging. I run by the sea and it gives me loads of time to calmly reflect. Others are into tennis, swimming, extreme iron boarding, or taking a brisk walk. The point is you choose something that you enjoy doing. The third secret is technology. It can help you track, measure, inspire and encourage...

Gertie’s 5 Fitness Technology Tips:

  1. Calorie Tracker by I LOVE this iPhone app (which is also available via their website). They’ve recently redesigned it to make it even more user-friendly. It basically counts your calories. The database of foods to choose from is massive, it sends you badges when you’ve tracked for three days in a row and a friendly reminder when you haven’t. The best thing is you can try it out for free to see if you like it, and upgrade to the full version for £1.99 if you dig it. Extremely motivating!

  2. Podrunner: I LOVE this programme! This is mainly for joggers, or would-be-joggers. The first section is entitled “Couch to 5K” and will get a non-runner completing 5K within 9 weeks. It focuses on the extremely successful approach of interval training (running, then walking for a bit, then running again - sounds good right?) based on electronic dance music. I do find it amusing that I’m now getting in shape on the music I spent my youth dancing all night to in clubs! The next steps up are ’Gateway to 8K’ and ’Freeway to 10K’ and you can download them all for free.

  3. Nike+: This iPhone app has been at the top of the popularity tables for ages now and with good reason. It is the ultimate jogger's friend as well as exceptionally motivational and user friendly. Not only does it accurately measure your distance, pace, the elevation of your route and calories burned, but it links to your iPod playlists and also includes power songs, to play when you are thinking that there isn't another possible step in you, unless it's taking you straight to the nearest bar. There is even motivation from your ’trainer’ given along the way. It's costs 1.59€, really reasonable for everything it provides, and if unlike me you have loads of fit friends, you can use online features to challenge them to races and get all competitive in the chat rooms.

  4. Pret-a-Yoga: You may not be into cardio sports or you may just appreciate grabbing a calm meditative moment within your hectic day. Pret-a-Yoga is a free app that sends you through the Sun Salutations and Beginner’s Sequence with flash cards and voice instructions telling you which way to bend. Yoga anywhere. How zen is that?

  5. Lose Weight with Andrew Johnson: This iPhone app is based on, bare with me, hypnotherapy. Andrew Johnson talks you through the relaxation stage and then speaks about concentrating on eating healthy foods and light exercise. It is recommended listening to him before you go to sleep every night for two weeks. If you need a boost of confidence then why not give it a try? You can try his ’Relax’ app for free to see if it’s for you. Just don’t wake up with a Sean Connery accent (you’ll see what I mean when you try it!).
I’ll see you on the beach in May! We'll have a glass of rosé together to celebrate.

Photo credit: Celicamania


I'm loving the sun too. Really lifts the spirits! We've had a gorgeous week here in the mountains..its been hot! Bet you're having some beach days already aren't you? I love these tech tips. I've having a smart phone dilemma at the moment. I've never owned one, about to order though with my first ever UK number! My hubbie thinks we should get Samsung galaxy's. He reckons they're cheaper and better. I have my heart set on an Iphone though. Any app reviews I read are for Iphones. Do your recommendations only work on an Iphone or could I use them on an android phone (think that's what he said they're called!) I am pretty clueless :O

Good question! I'm not an Android user but I did a little research and it seems that Calorie Tracker and Lose Weight are available on Android, though Nike+ and Pret-a-Yoga are not. Podrunner can be downloaded through your computer to any MP3 player/smart phone. I would definitely say that one of the advantages of iPhone over Andriod is simply the number of apps already developed for the iPhone/iPad market. But I would be interested in hearing opinions from others!
x Gertie

So cool you like Podrunner! It's worth mentioning that also has something like 100 different workout mixes, with speeds from 125 BPM to 185 BPM, and intervals and all kinds of different workouts. It's also on iTunes. We like free! :)

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