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23 February 2012

Don't Make-do: 5 Marvelous Makeup Tips

Make-up A lot of women I meet don't use makeup. Not because they wouldn't love to glam up, but because they don't know which products to use where and how, and which colours suit their skin tones. There is also the real worry that you can over apply, creating looks akin to clowns and drag acts.

I personally love makeup and the effects you can create with it. Smokey eyes scream glam, dewy natural skin oozes health and radiance and a streak of red lippy can transform you from tired mum to 60s siren when combined with a lined eye. I could spend hours in department stores testing out new products, getting makeovers, hints and tips at makeup counters (*cough* I often do).

Makeup should not be intimidating... It's easy to create loads of looks with a minimum of stress and a small budget. To give your skin a chance, please:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day (it's free and works miracles on dark circles, signs of ageing, acne, blemishes, uneven skin tone...);
  • If you don't do this already, start a three-step skincare routine using cleanser, toner and moisturiser(it doesn't have to be expensive);
  • Do a home-kit facial weekly as a treat if you can.

Ok, fab skin at the ready, here are a few life changing makeup secrets.

  1. Eyebrows - Courtney Cox once said that when she looked in the mirror and didn't like what she saw, she'd pluck her eyebrows and feel immediately better about herself. Yeah yeah Courtney, you're not getting any sympathy from me. Eyebrows do however, frame your features and they should be maintained. Don't over pluck them though as this is ageing, just tweeze away strays and make sure they have a good strong shape.

  2. Your base - you can get away with using the cheapest of foundations if you firstly apply a base to your skin. I love Benefit's That Gal or Clarin's Beauty Flash Balm - they aren't the cheapest but they last forever but if you don't want to splurge there are cheaper options on the market. You need to look for a luminescent finish rather than shimmer/glitter which will make your face radiate health while highlighting the natural contours of your face.

  3. Foundation - Apply with your fingers if you aren't confident with a brush. It is so important to find the right colour. Test different shades by applying a small amount to the back of your hand until you find a match. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're not sure! Once you find the right foundation, it will change your life! If you don't like the heavy feel of foundation, plump for a tinted moisturiser.

  4. Bronzed beauty - Always apply a light layer of powder bronzer to your whole face and neck after the foundation to set it and to give you a glow. If you have a double chin or an undefined jaw line, take your bronzer and sweep it under your jaw bones. This creates the effect of definition.

  5. Blush - It's not as scary as you think and it makes all the difference. If you don't want to make too much of a statement choose a peachy hued blusher and sweep upwards from the apples of your cheeks and up your cheek bones.

Go and try some of these tricks, go to makeup counters and try new products and different colours, have a makeover, have fun and look fantastic.

Gertie's Guide to Hypnotising Eyes will be posted soon. Eye makeup is a personal little obsession of mine and I think it deserves it's own spot!

Photo credit: NickiFall


Thanks to @citygirlnomore for pointing me to your blog. I've had a quick read through and will be back for more.

Just a quick comment on make-up. As a (mostly) country girl living in the south of England, I don't really 'do' make-up in the day, as I'm always in jeans and wellies, except for SPF15 moisturiser on my face and hands. Having said that I always make sure my hair is done, as you never know who you might meet while walking the dogs!

Lesley x.

Hi Lesley, thanks for the comment! I admit that although proficient with a make up brush I am rubbish with my hair. So I am loving the new easy ponytail trend! That would look fab with jeans and wellies! Xx!image-number=1

Hi Gertie,
Love your blogs!
As an Antipodean, I always put some sunblock on my skin, winter and summer.
But I will look for some luminescence in my foundation.
And I look forward to your eye make up advice.
I have blonde eyebrows and they are hard to see!

Thanks for your comment Heather! Being a brunette I concentrate on brows looking neat and tidy, not necessarily the colour. I'll do some research for you and put it in the next Makeup post!

x Gertie

Great tips Gertie! I love Benefit products too, have been using benetint for years. Will definitely be giving 'That Gal' a go.
I struggle with a good blusher...what brand do you recommend?

If you like Benefit then Coralista is a really fun blush color but my absolute ultimate favorite blusher is Melba by Mac... It's very easy to wear, day and night and suits all skin tones. Peach/coral tones are the most wearable.

Thanks for that. Mac lover too so going to go for the Melba Mac..:D

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