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10 February 2012

Be mine....

Heart Shaped LollyOne Valentine’s Day, my first husband gave me the gift of a gym ball. That occurrence was quickly followed by my first divorce.

How does Valentine's Day go down in your house? Does your man bring you breakfast in bed, have flowers delivered to your office, book the babysitter and a table in your favourite restaurant? If you answer yes to this question, I would love to know which training techniques you implement at home.

If you answered no, you are certainly not alone. It is reported that most men don’t even know which day St Valentine is celebrated, but believe that he has got a lot to answer for! Forced romance, gifts, unnecessary displays of affection (perhaps even in public!)... It's all so unnecessary! And I suppose the men folk do have a point. Valentine's Day is uber commercial these days, and romance shouldn't really be something to have forced upon you... HOWEVER...

2012 is a leap year, and if I am going to be taken for granted for a whole extra day this year, then on this one day (14th Feb) I will be worshipped as the queen that I undoubtedly am. My gentleman friend has been given full instruction. This isn't about “us” this year, it's all about ME! Why don't you tell your man exactly what you want to do on Valentine’s Day this year? Sure, it does take the surprise element away, but hey, you end up getting what you want!

Gertie's Guide to Gorgeous Gifts:
(put your orders in early girls, to avoid disappointment ;)

Wish Handmade Jewellery:
I adore this collection of contemporary bracelets and rings as do many celebs. The designs are fresh and fun and you don't need to get an overdraft to own your own piece! This Valentine’s Day, I will be wearing their ’Promises’ bracelet (or there will be trouble).

Lana Del Rey, Born to Die
I just love this chick, she is amazing. If you haven't heard of her, where have you been? Get your man to get you her album as an affordable gift this Valentine’s Day.

Fossil vintage collection:
So this qualifies as a splurge but I guess it depends how much you think your man should spend on you. The new fossil vintage re-issue collection is to die for... Check out their vintage-inspired bags in beautiful tans and chestnut leather.

Chanel Chance:
If you like more traditional gifts, why not try out a new perfume? Chanel’s Chance is easy to wear as it's light but long wearing, versatile and amazingly sexy!

Is your hubby too busy in the office to get to the shops? No problem, just do some online shopping and send him the link when your basket’s full! You’re really doing him a favour! Have fun girls and please remember to enjoy Valentine's Day responsibly.

Photo credit: Caro Wallis


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