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07 June 2012

Hangover Hell

I love the Grand Prix weekend but I don't deal well with the hangover I am inevitably left with. This year, I decided to trial hangover cures to assess which ones really work, and which are old wives' tales.
As I had four separate nights out surrounding this historic event, I had lots of opportune moments for this trial. I sacrificed myself and my liver for just for you!

Gertie’s Guide to Easing Hangover Hell:

1. St Yorre. This is a naturally carbonated French mineral water from the brand Vichy and it’s available in the UK. Apparently it also aids with digestion and the high levels of bicarbonates do wonders for relieving mild hangovers and that jug-headed feeling you get the morning after.

2. Sweat. Get yourself to the gym or go for a run. Don’t kill yourself, just make sure you sweat out all the toxins acquired the night before. Make sure you have several pints of water before attempting hungover exercise and always carry on drinking water and sports drinks after as well. The sports drinks will replenish the much needed salts and vitamins your body needs to right itself.

3. Sugar fix. If your stomach is churning and you can’t face a plate of food, fix yourself a fruit smoothie and force it down. No chewing required, the vitamins will get to work straight away and the natural sugar will raise your rapidly dropping sugar levels.

4. Bloody Mary. So yes at this stage, I was on my third hangover and there was no way I was putting my running trainers on and taking my own advice. I also had a lunch event to attend and my head felt like someone had been in and trashed the place, slept the night and left without saying goodbye. I needed a hair of the dog... The old wives tale that works! Bloody Marys are, in my opinion, the most important item on any brunch menu. Spicy, tomato-rich, vitamin-packed goodness... With vodka in! Yummy! Just add a celery straw and feel virtuous (ish!).

5. Eggs! I’ve been beaten. The Grand Prix weekend has won, again, and I have fallen off the bikini diet wagon. So severe was my fourth hangover that there was only one thing for it. A fried egg sandwich with Worcester sauce. Now I could tell you that the eggs give you vital amino acids that help the liver to break down toxins and that the bread raises your blood sugar levels, all of which is true, but I won’t. We’ve all been there. Sometimes, the only thing that will make you feel better is a greasy fry-up... And by jingo, it was worth every calorie-laden bite!

Most likely my next post will be a diet related one! ;)


Fried egg sarnie and Worcester sauce is soooo good!

Apples help with hangovers too or anything with Fructose - I have been known to buy fructose sachets from the chemists ahead of a boozy night out! :D

That is impressively organized of you! Good tip Mammasaurus, I will be giving the fructose sachets a try.

I always find a Berocca works wonders! I have one before a night out and wake up almost hangover free!

Ah, ok! GF (Gentleman Friend) also swears by Berocca but I think when I've tried it, it's been way too late after the event. The horse has bolted into another country before I shut the stable door! I'll take your advice and take it the night before, good tip, thanks!

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