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23 July 2012

Topshop Treats

Dearest Sir Philip Green, PLEASE bring Topshop to France, I implore you! I’m a sucker for Topshop, so when I travel home to England's green and pleasant lands, I have to find the nearest grey city where I MUST immediately shop till I drop. I love UK fashion and miss loads of clothing stores and brands, but Topshop is just a fabulous store and online shopping doesn't give me the same high as trawling the rails.

Here are my current crushes from good ol’ Toppers...

1. Hudson Ginko Chelsea Boots. Casual, sexy and fabulous with skinny jeans, jeggings, skirts and summer dresses. I just love them! They are super comfortable and I got the last pair in my size, seeing it as a sign that this love affair was meant to be. We’ve all been there!

2. Knitted Stud Jumper. Ok, so you can’t get everything on English shores including good weather. As soon as I landed I had to buy the whole family knitwear as we were shivering in our thin French layers. It’s embarrassing I know... my mum’s gadding about in shorts! Apparently we’re having a heatwave! I digress, check out this beautiful chunky khaki jumper, it’s longline so easy to wear over anything - dresses, t’s & skinny’s, denim shirts (see below) and it has stud detail to keep your warm wardrobes bang up to date, I love it. In fact, i’m typing in it!

3. Denim Shirt. Yes, they’ve been around for ages but Topshop has a new one which is baby blue and made of soft lightweight fabric which makes it a perfect addition to any wardrobe. It matches perfectly with my khaki jumper or can be slung over a plain t-shirt and pink skinny jeans for a cool day look.

4. Animal Embellished Racerback Vest. This vest has beautiful detailing to the back and dressed with black jeggings, a boyfriend jacket and sky high shoe boots (see below), this is your perfect outfit for a relaxed night out or after work cocktails. Accessorise with hoop earrings and chunky stack bangles.

5. Aristocrat Super-High Shoe Boots. There is no simpler way to elongate and slim your legs down than by wearing black skinnies and black shoe boots. Everyone needs a pair and these Topshop ones are my current evening staples. What can I say? They are so hot! Also loving the chunky heal which is up to date and will wear longer than the previous points. (These ones look really high but they are surprisingly easy to wear due to the platforms).

6. Skull Scarf. Topshop do have a great range of scarves and snoods in all fabrics and prints. Here is my latest crush. An excellent colour to take my wardrobe through the whole year. It also matches perfectly with the khaki jumper!

Sigh! Happy shopping folks... And to all the other expats missing Toppers, could we get a petition together do you think?! A scattering of French Topshop's would be marvellous!!


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