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04 April 2013

Declutter - Part 2

Alpine Aster 08/1973Hello! How are you getting on? I hope you're ready for another dose of hormental cleaning to do’s!!

Let's get started!

Gertie’s Guide to a Clutter Free Life (Part 2):

1. Crap Boxes. Invest in small boxes, name label one for each member of your family. Each day, go around the house picking up dumped crap and putting it into the relevant box for the owner to put away at the end of the day. This also has a pavlov’s dog effect and will eventually “train” your family to put their shit away more regularly!

2. Calm Kitchen. Restructure your kitchen and larder so that it makes sense to you. Chuck out ingredients that are out of date and utensils and anything you don't use. Put anything you use on a daily basis in the most accessible places. Box and label cake decorating accessories, put spices together, cans together and make sure you can see everything easily so it is a piece of cake to do shopping lists from now on.

3. Bathroom Bits. Go through everything in your entire bathroom including makeup and hair crap. Throw away anything you have had for more than a year and never used. That cellulite mask, left over nipple cream etc etc. This also goes for over stretched hair bands, make up bought before 2005 and heated hair appliances unused since crimping was fashionable. Now have a look at what is left and split up into categories. If you haven't got enough existing storage, think about an over the door unit or wall shelves. Make a note to try a new makeup look with all your previously M.I.A. stuff next time you go out.

4. Loving Linen. Old, worn towels either get thrown away or put somewhere else for practical uses. Drying wet dogs etc! Bed linen can be organised by set and then by room so you can find it quickly and easily. Sort table linen into set and throw away anything with never resolved stain issues!

5. Garage Clearout. Do this with your other half after checking out storage systems for garden implements, bikes and camping equipment etc. This way you can come to the party with the genius ideas and he can put them into practice!

More to follow on storage ideas, painting, decorating and revolutionary DIY plans!

G x


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